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  1. My Mom, creator of the original Care Bears, drew a Black Lives Matter Bear! You can buy prints/shirts/etc on her RedBubble. All proceeds go to Reed Foundation, a Black founded organization which helps disadvantaged youth in Tulsa!
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  2. My Mom, the creator of Strawberry Shortcake, created a Black Lives Matter drawing of one of her original characters Orange Blossom! Prints are available: All proceeds go to the Reed Community Foundation, a Black founded org helping at-risk youth in Tulsa!
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
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    pecunium These aren’t preppers. They are right wing extremists hoping for a second civil war
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    UPDATE: Unfortunately, it looks like Red Bubble just got a take down notice from the rights holder. My Mom doesn't own the rights but as the original creator we are trying to fight it to get it back on the shop now.
  5. "How did a cop accidentally SHOOT someone in the head with a 40mm gas canister? Simple. He was aiming at him."
  6. Mubarak says he will dismiss the government but not himself… Hello, what part of "Down with Mubarak!" don't you understand?!?
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    For more information on the Reed Community Foundation visit their website
  8. What do we want? Movies! When do we want them? Now! How are we gonna get em while the studios/netflix/etc figure their shit out? Bittorrent!
  9. Why I am passionate about #Jan25 — this is validation of the power of peaceful protest. A power I had lost faith in during the Iraq/Bush.
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    evanescentlili sennydreadful Right now she is focusing on selling the BLM drawings to raise money for Reed Community Foundation, but if you’d also like to support her personally continuing to make art she has a Patreon
  11. If you only read one commentary on the events in #Ferguson last night read “Chronicle of a Riot Foretold” by jelani9
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    ioerror Yes. the fact that this is a Gandhi-like moment without a Gandhi is one of the most striking & inspiring aspects to this revolution
  13. So this is happening… AZ bill allowing any employer to fire employees who use birth control. Already passed State House
  14. Wish people would stop using anarchist as a synonym for "shithead vandal wearing black".
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    You can follow my awesome Mom on Instagram
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    BTW this is a direct link to my Mom's store which has other wonderful drawings available!
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    UPDATE June 11: I had a nice chat with the carebears and we will be looking to do a collaboration with them in support of BLM! My mom will be keeping the RedBubble Care Bear item down which is fine as my Mom hit her goal for the Reed Foundation.
  18. I had a nice discussion with carebears! They already have some other related charity initiatives in the works which is great! My Mom's BLM Care Bear item on RedBubble will remain down but we are talking with Cloudco about a collaboration in support of Black Lives Matter!
  19. Still sorting out what we want to do/can do about the take down notice for my Mom's BLM Bear drawing on Red Bubble. I'll post here if there is news on if we sort out a way to sell prints of it again. If you are looking for her store it is here:
  20. Btw it’s my Mom’s birthday today! She’s very thankful for all the love you all have shown and the support for the Black Lives Matter protest! You can wish her a happy birthday you can do so on her Instagram. Links to her IG, Patreon and store are here:
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    batsabatsabatsa Valid. It would be cheaper to mass produce the shirts and then ship and sell them herself but my Mom doesn’t have the time or energy to do that. Red Bubble works even if it’s fees are higher. She herself would be fine with anyone just donating directly to the cause!
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    angryvikings And she created the lesser known line, the Get Along Gang. Also my Aunt, who worked at AG at the time too, created the Popples.
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    dnf sfslim Back in the mid 90s I was thinking of going into video games. I did an couple informational interviews with companies. One of them showed me the cots they have when people are working late and stay at work. I was like fuck no and went into web design/dev. Glad I made that choice!